Welcome to our Club!

This is our website and we do our best to keep it up to date! We also have a Facebook Group that announces our events and keeps the group informed as to what is going on. Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/146775235136/?ref=bookmarks.

If you don't have Facebook but still want to be kept informed, consider becoming a member (see our Membership page) or joining the mailing group (email: canadianclub.norway@gmail.com).

Nearly every month, our club has a Club Night out on the town in Oslo.  We move around from place to place and try to find interesting places to meet our fellow Canadians.

As well we hold an Information evening, Canada Day, Golf Tournament, and the annual Christmas Dinner.  Below are some our passed events and activities.

If you feel the website could be more useful and would like to help keeping it updated, we would love to hear from you.


Some events coming up in 2020!

March 20th, Classic Saint Patrick's day club night. Table reserved at 7pm at The Dubliner Irish Pub. Wear green if you can!

February 28th, Canadian Club of Norway Fantabulous Mini-golf Night.  This coming 28th of February come join us for drinks, food, and a little mini-golf competition.

January 23rd, Club Night held at Oslo Street Food. It is very central, located at Torggata 16, Oslo 0181, Norway.  It's a great vibe and a big place with many types of 'street food' and a few bars, so reservations are not necessary. https://www.oslo-streetfood.no/stands/We could also go bowling downstairs afterwards if enough people are interested. http://oslobowling.no/.


Some events coming up in 2019!

October 29th, Club Night held at Amundsen Bryggeri (Oslo Radhuset). 

October 6th, The first Canadian Club Thanksgiving event! Limited space for 20 so rsvp soon! As this is a potluck dinner, all guests are required to bring a side dish to share. The Canadian club and hosts will take care of the turkey and gravy.

September 26th, Club Night held at good old Colonel Mustard!

August 14th, Club Night held at Eataly at Aker Brygge. 

April 15th, Club Night held at the cozy Cafe Sara (cafesara.no). 

March 19th, Club Night held at the Dubliner! Where green! Bring some cheer! Have a beer!

January 16th, Club Night held at the Royal Gastropub (Østbanehallen at Oslo S). 


Some events coming up in 2018!

November 23rd, Club Night held at Smelteverket. 

October 25th, Club Night held at Colonel Mustard. They have good food and drinks and games!

September 20th, Club Night held at Brygg Oslo (Storgata 7).

August 27th, Club Night held at Eataly Ristorante, Aker Brygge. 

June 11th,  Club Night held in conjunction with the Diplomatic Immunity concert at Herr Nilsen and support our rockstar ambassador.

April 24th, Club Night held at Cafe Sara (Hausmanns gate 29, 0182 Oslo).

January 16th, Club Night held at Grønland Gym (Rubina Ranas Gate 3) which is a short walk from the Grønland Tbane station.


Some new events coming up in 2017 - Canada's 150 Anniversary!

March 15th, Club Night to be held at the Dubliner.

Make sure to wear something green, as this will be your chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a bit early with your fellow Canadians.

Please let me know by if you are coming by around March 12th so that I can get a table booked [matteo(dot)good(at)gmail(dot)com]!

Looking forward to seeing both new and old faces!

March 29th, Information Evening with Ambassador Wilczynski.

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 19:00-21:30.

Where: The Canadian Official Residence, Slemdalsveien 43, 0373 Oslo (There is no parking at this location, we request you take public transportation)
The evening will begin with a presentation from Ambassador Wilczynski followed by a question and answer period. Followed by serving of coffee, tea and deserts. If you have questions you would like Ambassador Wilczynski to answer, please send them to me when you sign up.
Sign up by sending an email to Jay(at)Multicase(dot)no or send an SMS to 41241993.

June 25th, Canada Day 150 Anniversary Celebrations at The Canadian Official Residence, Slemdalsveien 43, 0373 Oslo. More information to follow.

Information Night with the Ambassador was a huge success in February. Still people commenting on Ambassador Wilczynski's presentation!

Club Night for March was back to The Dubliner to celebrate St. Patricks Day.

Club Night for February was at the Beer Palace. Fantastic turn out and people were able to rub elbows with the new Ambassador to Norway!

Club Night for January was at Forest & Brown Tuesday the 13th of January.

The Christmas Dinner was held Monday the 8th of December at the ambassador’s residence and a great group of folks showed up for our sitdown turkey dinner! It was also our first chance to meet the new ambassador to Norway, Artur Wilczynski. Great evening for our Canadian Club members!

Club Night for November was held at Katedralen Pub & Spiseri located at Parkveien 13. Good turn out and as always good food and drink.

Thanx to Suzanne and Daniele for their organization of this years Halloween Party. Lots of great costumes and fun for all.

Club Night for March was held at The Dubliner in honour of St. Patrick's Day. Nice to see so many new faces!

We are happy to inform you that Alice Bothwell will take over as our Club Night organizer effective immediately. Thank you Alice for stepping up to help out and we hope our members and friends of the Canadian Club help out by their prompt RSVPs when requested.

Hope to see the success of the hockey at the Hard Rock Café carry over to future Club Nights.

Ski Weekend for March for the Canadian Club is coming soon. The Canadian Club Ski Weekend at Trysil is filling up. We need one more couple and a couple of singles to complete the booking.

To all members and friends of the Canadian Club of Norway:

You are warmly invited to join us for our annual ski weekend.
Here are the details:

Dates: March 7-9, 2014

Where: Trysil (about 2 1/2 hours from Oslo)

Cost: Approximately kr. 1400 per person plus lift tickets (this includes most of the food for the weekend)

Food: We have two common breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday) and two common suppers (Friday and Saturday evening) that are included in the price. The rest is up to you. Bring your own drinks and snacks.

Types of skiing: Both downhill and cross-country are available. Some people do a day of each, some people do only downhill and some people only stay in the hytte.

Getting there: We take cars from Oslo. Those without a car can catch a ride with others. We will arrange that when we know who is coming.

Sign up is first come first serve. The hytte can take up to 16 people. Send name(s) to Jay(@)Multicase(dot)no. You need not be a CanClub member; all are welcome!

Let me know as soon as possible or call if you have questions.

Club Night for February was watching Canada and Norway in the opening hockey game of the Olympics. This was at the Hard Rock Cafe and there was a fantastic turnout.

Club Night for January was back at Katedralen Pub and Spiseri. Nice place and good food.

Christmas Dinner at the Official Residence was a very nice evening! Great to eat turkey dinner with all the trimings. Next event is next year, 2014!

Club Night for November was back at 3 Brødre. We enjoyed Barry Colsen in the Piano Bar.

Canadian Club Christmas Dinner will be held December 3rd. Save the date, more details to come.

Halloween was a big success. Thanx to Daniele and Suzanne for putting it all together for the kids.

Club Night for October was at Katedralen Pub and Spiseri, on Thursday, October 10th. Quiz night! Great turn out and a busy evening of visiting.

Club Night for September was at The Dubliner. Thanks to Judith Olsen for standing in this month.

Club Night for August was back to Aker Brygge. Nice evening in the sunshine and a great turn out!

CANADA DAY on July 7th at the Official Residence was a great success. 95 people enjoyed the sunshine and hospitality of our new Ambassador to have a fabulous day. To top it off, the west won the tug-of-war for the first time in years!

Club Night for June was at The Dubliner on June 18th. Great turn out and nice meeting so many new faces.

Club Night for May was at Katedralen Pub and Spiseri, Parkveien 13. Great turnout and so nice to see so many new faces.

Club Night for April was held at 3 Brødre with our very own Barry Colson playing at the piano.

Club Night for March took us to the Dubliner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. A great turn out and good mix of old and new.

Some updates from the Canadian Club:

First, at our board meeting in January, Janette Fjeldstad announced that she is leaving the board. Janette has been an invaluable board member and was instrumental in the merger of the Canadian Women’s Club and Canadian Club of Norway. Since the merger, Janette has sat as the secretary to our board as well as organized many Christmas Dinner’s that we have very much enjoyed at the Official Residence. Janette has been an integral member of the board and has contributed greatly to the clubs ongoing operations. We will miss her greatly. We want to thank Janette for her services to our club and hope that we continue to see her out at our events.

Second, we have a new ambassador. David Sproule reports for duty this week and will be taking over the spot left vacant when John Hannaford returned to Canada earlier. We have had no indication as to what changes the club can expect, but we hope to meet with him as soon as possible. We are also trying to arrange an Information Evening with him and his colleagues from the Embassy as well. We will keep you informed of this as soon as we are able to set something up.

Club Night was held at Fru Burum's on December 18th. Good to see many out for our last event of the year!

We lost a dear friend and co-founder of our club, Arne Bruheim this week. Arne passed away on November 14th. We miss you greatly, Arne.

Club Night on November 13th was at 3 Brødre. Out fellow Canadian and our favourite piano man, Barry Colson was at his best once again.

Halloween Party was held on Sunday October 28th. A great success and good to have it back. A huge thanx goes out to Suzanne, Brian and Daniele for organizing the party this year and many are already looking forward to next years event.

Christmas Dinner for members only will be held December 4th at the former Ambassador Residence. Come out for one last party at this beautiful house.

Club Night for October was a nice evening at the Dubliner. Great to see so many out on such a rainy night in Oslo.

Club Night for September was at Jacob Aall - Majorstua on September 13th. We were a small crowd but nice to see some new faces as well.

Eline Fjeldheim is leaving the Embassy this week and will be moving on to remember the woman on the tractor at Canada Day. I know the kids will remember her. But she did so much more than that, helping our club with events at the OR and elsewhere. We appreciate all the help that Eline has given us as well as her friendship. I hope that she will continue to be part of our Canadian Club in Norway.

Club Night for August was a nice summer evening outdoors at Lekter’n at Aker Brygge on Tuesday, August 14th. Good to see the turn out and meet some new faces as well.

Club Night for July was a good group at Fru Burums. The weather was not great but such is Norway.

Canada Day! turnout was a bit disappointing because of the weather, only 14 brave soles showed up at Frogner Park for our picnic. Hopefully next year we can have the tents and barbecues back in action.

Club Night for June was at the Dubliner on June 13th. We had a great turnout of over 20 people.

Club Night for May was a well attended event at Jacob Aall - Majorstua. Great to see so many people out. Lots of faces we haven't seen in a while. Next month we are back at the Dubliner, we will pick a date around the end of the May.

Club Night April Club Night, was held at 3 Brødre on April 10th. Southern American influence was the theme of the evening before our friend and fellow Canadian Barry began playing fot the evening. Hard to imagine how we miss Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell so much.

Club Night March Club Night, to honour St. Patrick's Day was at the Dubliner - of course. A good but small group for the Dub but we hope to see more out next month.

Canadian Club Winter Festival 2012 version was a family day held at Tryvann Ski Area at Holmenkollen in Oslo. Approximately 30 people enjoyed a sun filled day at the Lavvo on the hill. Great to see so many families out!

Valentine's Day Dinner was a small but successful evening at Bolivar Bar og Brasserie in Majorstua. Great dinner and good conversation for those in attendance. Thanks Derek for putting a nice evening together for us.

Information Evening without the Ambassador. Our information evening was a intimate gathering but turned out to be very successful and interesting. Thanks goes to Eugenie Panitcherska from the Embassy for giving us and update on events in Canada as well as activities at the Embassy here in Norway. Thanks also for Miriam Segal and Barbara Woll for supplying dessert for us to enjoy.

We are losing our Pub-meister Derek. He is stepping down from organizing our monthly Club-Nights. But we will continue to forge ahead. We are looking for a new person that will take his place. In the meantime, we will be setting a rotating schedule between 3 places. These will be announced early in the new year. Anyone wishing to fill Derek's shoes as our new Pub-meister, please get in touch.

Club Night January Club Night, got us off to a good start for 2012. A total of 12 people showed up at Brighton Pub, January 11th. Fun evening with a few new faces as well!

Club Night November Club Night was held at 3 Brødre Piano Bar on November 8th. Our favourite Canadian Piano player, Barry, played our favourites and the poppies sold were a hit as well.

Christmas Dinner Our annual Christmas Dinner is just around the corner. This is our most popular event of the year. Remember, you need to be a member to sign up. Go to our Events Page to sign up.

Several other dates are now planned for events in the next year. See the Events page to update your calendar.

Club Night October Club Night was held at Olympen (Grønlandsleiret 15 0190 Oslo). A nice meal and evening with some familiar faces as well as some new ones!

Club Night September Club Night was held at Internasjonalen, Youngstorget 2 on Thursday September 15th.

Club Night in August turned out to be a success after all, even given the short notice of the change of venues. Our group enjoyed the sunshine at Aker Brygge with some new faces showing up as well. We hope that Derek has a speedy recovery and is back next month!

Club Night at Gloria Flames on Thursday July 14th, was well attended. Seems like not everyone has left the country for the summer. Good to see some new faces out for this one.

Canada Day on June 19th was not blessed with the best weather, but almost 200 showed up for the annual picnic at the Official Residence. Clouds, rain and sun came and went throughout the day. Thanx again to Derek and his group of organizers for putting on another successful Canada Day.

Club-Night! for May was held at Kafe Asylet at Grønland, first outdoor get together for our Club Night in 2011. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.

Club Night June 14th was a nice evening out on the patio. Olivia on Hegdehaugsveien served up good food and it was nice to see new and old faces. Seemed like a lack of Vancouver people out for this one! Maybe they are at home a little nervous about tonight's game?

Ski Weekend was a tremendous success for another year. Weather was perfect, conditions, food and company was also excellent. Those that missed it, can only hear from those in attendance as to how good it was! Thanx to Bruce for putting together the trip this year. Everyone is looking forward to next year already. Pictures will be posted soon.

Pictures are updated for Halloween, Christmas Dinner and Informaton Evening with the Ambassador. Check them out!

Upcoming events in 2011!

In 2011 we were pleased to welcome the following new members: Ken and Sharon Almon, Jesslynn and Lars Feginn, Jurgen Manal and Zoey Barstad, Nina Moss and Lonny McPherson, Lionel and Karine Briand, Catherine Lussier and Morten Lefsaker, Doug Lynch, Shiva Nejati and Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Ken Hamilton and Suong Vo, Bradley and Anne Margrete Bertsch. Welcome!